Author: Sara Holm Nygaard

Webinar on data-driven drug target discovery

Intomics is hosting a Diagnostic World webinar August 27th 10am EDT / 4pm CET.

In the talk we will share our approach to data-driven analysis of biological networks, and applications for drug target discovery.

Learning objectives:
1. How analysis of biological networks can improve outcomes of data-driven target discovery analyses
2. Why high-confidence protein interaction networks are an important supplement to pathways when interpreting biomedical data
3. How you can interpret results from omics data analyses to gain biological insights
4. Value of network analysis approach demonstrated through drug target identification benchmark and case study

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Intomics to be part of the newly funded TRANSLATE project on personalized diabetes treatment

As part of the TRANSLATE project funded with 30 mill. kroner by the Innovation Fund Denmark, Intomics will develop a new software platform facilitating personalised treatment of diabetes patients.

More information can be found here:
Innovation Fund Denmark press release (in Danish)
MedWatch article (in Danish)
Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research (in English)

New publication on advanced text mining approaches to early drug target discovery

In collaboration with Novo Nordisk, Intomics recently published “Semantic text mining in early drug discovery for type 2 diabetes” in PLOS ONE, about application of text mining in early drug discovery. The paper describes a project where we ranked proteins according to disease relevant contexts from scientific literature, and then identified potential novel targets by looking for ‘high jumpers’, i.e. proteins that were recently mentioned in increasingly relevant disease contexts.

Launch of the inBio Discover™ protein-protein interaction platform

Today, our new web-based protein-protein interaction platform inBio Discover™ was released.

inBio Discover™ is a powerful tool with a wide range of applications in interpretation and visualization of biomedical big data in a systems biology context. inBio Discover™ is part of the inBio platform and builds upon the high coverage, high quality protein-protein interaction network inBio Map™.

inBio Discover™ enables you to search for proteins to learn about their interactions. You can easily perform enrichment-analysis with a wide range of biological annotations and value-added datasets, including your own protein lists.

inBio Discover™ helps you learn more about the biology represented in your networks via a range of customizable visualizations options.

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