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Introducing Intomics
Intomics is a contract research organization specialized in deriving core biological insight from biomedical Big Data. We help our clients in the pharmaceutical industry develop tomorrow's medicines better, faster, and cheaper through optimized use of biomedical data.

Based on our proprietary tools, unique knowledge, and extensive experience we provide tailored solutions that meet the needs of your project and improve the discovery process of your organization.

We have helped clients improve their research efforts and make key discoveries in areas such as biomarker discovery and optimization, target identification, data mining, knowledge discovery, and translational research.

Our services can leverage the research of your organisation. We can review and optimize your research plan before project kick off, analyse the available biological data in the project, as well as place the results in a biological context and make an intuitive and easy to use interface to results.
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Project examples
Intomics has world-leading expertise in discovering biology and disease mechanisms from a broad range of data types, including gene expression, sequencing, proteomics, protein networks, pathways, free text and more. We have used such data in projects throughout the drug discovery and development process.
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