Intomics Services

The amount of biomedical data has been increasing exponentially in recent years and biomedical data generation can be expected to accelerate in the future. Clever utilization of biomedical big data holds promise of enabling more efficacious, more accurate and individualized treatments in the years to come. This will benefit the individual patients, health care providers, and society as a whole.

Getting valuable insights out of biomedical big data requires both in-depth biological understanding and capabilities within data structuring, data integration and data analysis. That, in essense,  is our Raison d’être. At Intomics we combine solid biological understanding, technical expertise with Best-in-Class inhouse software tools and value-adding biomedical databases.

Within drug discovery and drug development we have extensive experience and unique capabilities that allow us to help clients getting the most out of biomedical big data. Our expertise extends across a variety of therapeutic areas and we have successfully applied our data integration technology within therapy areas such as:

  • Oncology
  • CNS
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Inflammation

What we do

Drug target identification

Helping clients identify genes/proteins as target candidates with remarkable results.

Biomarker discovery

Helping clients uncover clinical relevant biomarkers in complex diseases enabling precise patient stratification.

Drug repositioning

Helping clients in investigating the potential of repositioning marketed drugs into other disease areas.

Translational services

Helping clients decide on the correct model test platform for optimal drug development results.

Multi-marker development

Helping clients identify the patients most likely to benefit from a treatment with specific drugs.

Client Infrastructure

Helping clients build and evolve their inhouse bioinformatic capabilities with expert counseling.