Selected publications

The following list of publications are high impact publications where Intomics’ co-founders, and present members of the Intomics Board of Experts have contributed (authors in bold type).

Target discovery

AuthorsTitleJournalDatePubMed ID
Heiko Horn, et al (including Kasper Lage)NetSig: network-based discovery from cancer genomesNature MethodsDec 201729200198
Taibo Li, et al (including Søren Brunak, Thomas Skøt Jensen, Kasper Lage)A scored human protein-protein interaction network to catalyze genomic interpretationNature MethodsJan 201727892958
Kasper Lage, et al (including Søren Brunak)Genetic and environmental risk factors in congenital heart disease functionally converge in protein net- works driving heart developmentProc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 109(35):14035-14040Aug 201222904188
Lukas Adrian Berchtold, et al (including Kasper Lage, Søren Brunak)Huntingtin-interacting protein 14 is a type 1 diabetes candidate protein regulating insulin secretion and beta-cell apoptosisProc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 108(37):E681-E688Sep 201121705657
Regine Bergholdt, et al (including Kasper Lage, Søren Brunak)Expression profiling of human genetic and protein interaction networks in type 1 diabetesPLoS One, 4(7):e6250200919609442
Monica Campillos, Michael Kuhn, Anne-Claude Gavin, Lars Juhl Jensen, and Peer BorkDrug target identification using side-effect similarityScience, 321(5886):263-266Jul 200818621671
Kasper Lage, et al (including Søren Brunak as the senior author)A human phenome-interactome network of protein complexes implicated in genetic disordersNat Biotechnol, 25(3):309-316Mar 200717344885

Genomics studies

AuthorsTitleJournalDatePubMed ID
KH Jensen, et al (including Søren Brunak, Thomas Skøt Jensen and Eske Rygaard-Hjalsted)Analysis of a gene panel for targeted sequencing of colorectal cancer samplesOncotarget201829507673
Morten Rasmussen, et al (including Søren Brunak)An aboriginal australian genome reveals separate human dispersals into asiaScience, 334(6052):94-98Oct 201121940856
Morten Rasmussen, et al (including Søren Brunak)Ancient human genome sequence of an extinct palaeo-eskimoNature, 463(7282):757-762Feb 201020148029
Junjie Qin, et al (including Søren Brunak)A human gut microbial gene catalogue established by metagenomic sequencingNature, 464(7285):59-65Mar 201020203603

Miscellaneous Systems Biology based studies

AuthorsTitleJournalDatePubMed ID
Peter B. Jensen, Lars J. Jensen, and Søren BrunakMining electronic health records: towards better research applications and clinical careNat Rev Genet, 13(6):395-405Jun 201222549152
Lars Juhl Jensen, Thomas Skøt Jensen, Ulrik de Lichtenberg, Søren Brunak, and Peer BorkCo-evolution of transcriptional and post-translational cell-cycle regulationNature, 443(7111):594-597Oct 200617006448
Ulrik de Lichtenberg, Lars Juhl Jensen, Søren Brunak, and Peer BorkDynamic complex formation during the yeast cell cycleScience, 307(5710):724-727Feb 200515692050

Contributions to major bioinformatics resources

SignalP is one the most accurate and most widely used tools for predictions of signal peptides – since it’s initial publication in 1997 the method has been cited more than 10.000 times. The STRING database is one of the most widely used gene-gene association network databases integrating multiple types of data. Lars Juhl Jensen has been part of STRING’s core development team since it’s inception. For brevity only the two most recent publications have been included.

AuthorsTitleJournalDatePubMed ID
Thomas Nordahl Petersen, Søren Brunak, Gunnar von Heijne, and Henrik NielsenSignalp 4.0: discriminating signal peptides from transmembrane regionsNat Methods, 8(10):785-786201121959131
Damian Szklarczyk, et al (including Lars Juhl Jensen)The string database in 2011: functional interaction networks of proteins, globally integrated and scoredNucleic Acids Res, 39(Database issue):D561-D568Jan 201121045058