Personalized Medicine Services

In personalized medicine the goal is that each patient is treated based on his or her specific needs. The choice of treatment and medication can be based on a wide range of factors, increasingly of genomic and proteomic origin.

Personalized medicine and the associated area of companion diagnostics area are also very relevant in new drug development. When selecting patients that will most likely respond to drugs in clinical trials, genomic and proteomic data are very often considered.


Intomics track record
We have recently worked with a client on development of a genetic signature for patient stratification, based on data from a phase II trial. We developed a very successful 12-SNP signature, that identified responders with 95% accuracy


The value to our customers
In a previous project (see case study below), Intomics was able to develop a multi-marker signature that could differentiate responders from non-responders with an accuracy of 95% shown the ability to reduce the clinical trial size with 22 % and increase the fraction of responders with 17 %.

Since this in turn lowers clinical trial costs and increases the chance of passing regulatory significance requirements, it provides a very high value potential for our customers.


What we do
In our Personalized Medicine Service, we correlate genomic and other data to responder/non-responder status from clinical trials and via complex bioinformatics analysis on our proprietary InBioTM platform, we provide a clinical signature, that helps the identification of responding patients. This can be used for patient stratification in clinical trials or for making single/multi-marker companion diagnostics.


Our process
The duration of a Personalized medicine project typically ranges from 4-6 months for a pilot project up to a number of years for long-term projects. The projects are planned as a custom tailored project with close interaction between our clients and Intomics. We typically have bi-weekly Webex update/planning meetings with the client and have face-to-face meetings every 2-3 months during the project.

At the end of the project, we present the process, key findings, conclusions and potential next steps at a face-to-face meeting.

All face-to-face meetings take place at our clients’ facility, unless another location is desired.


What we deliver
The deliverable is a comprehensive report including a thorough description of the clinical signature that has been identified.

Additionally, the comprehensive report also details key project findings as well as important process steps and materials. We will also present potential next steps in the project, if relevant.

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