We are thrilled to announce the new and improved inBio Discover™! The new version 3.0 was redesigned and optimized for ease of use, allowing you to more intuitively navigate the powerful inBio Map™ Core Interactome.


Key highlights from the newly released functionality:

Customizable Workspace

You can now save datasets and visualizations across networks and drag-and-drop your favorite settings to new projects.

  • Save and switch between your imported data sets as needed.
  • Store frequently viewed networks and annotations.
  • Organize your workspace and apply preferred setting across multiple projects.

Protein Network Table

Protein networks and annotations can now be viewed in both map and table form, giving you a new way to explore proteins and biology in your networks.

  • Explore a data table view of your PPI map for at-a-glance review.
  • Cross-highlight proteins across table and map.
  • Drag-and-drop to rearrange data columns.
  • Click to sort columns based on relevance.

Powerful Interactive Visualization

Updated interactive visualizations will allow you to refine your views for more incisive analysis.

  • Visually adjust thresholds to pinpoint protein relevance.
  • Save your network visualizations for ongoing analysis.
  • Easily export presentation friendly visuals and annotations.

inBio Map™ interactome update

inBio Discover now queries the latest version of the inBio Map™ Core Interactome, and with the latest PPI evidence included, the coverage has increased to ~200K high confidence interactions between 15,580 proteins.