Precision medicine case study in numbers


Gene biomarker profile


Correctly identified responding patients

For a drug in development (phase II), the client had a dual goal: to understand the biology behind response or lack of response to the drug and obtain a genetic biomarker profile to separate the two groups.

Using genetic data from patients in the phase II trial and public domain transcription data as input to our platform, Intomics did identify a biological mechanism likely related to response. Furthermore, a 12-gene biomarker profile was derived.

The 12-gene biomarker profile was applied to new patients in the clinical trial to assess its performance. It was able to correctly classify more than 90% of the patients with respect to response or lack of response.

The client obtained a high-performance biomarker response profile and insight into the molecular biology underlying lack of response. The latter provided a molecular-level view of an unmet need in the disease.

Drug repositioning