Enabling the development of efficacious new drug treatments faster by using integrative bioinformatics and systems biology technologies

Intomics is a highly specialized bioinformatics company. Our core competencies reside in our ability to structure, integrate and analyze biomedical big data.  To further provide value to our customers we have developed inhouse inBioTM Best-in-Class resources. In particular, two of these resources add significant value in our client projects. inBio Map™ –  a human Protein-Protein interaction network, and inBio Know™ –  a sophisticated text mining tool. Read more about our platforms in the ‘Technology’-section.

What we do

Drug target identification

Helping clients identify genes/proteins as target candidates with remarkable results.

Biomarker discovery

Helping clients uncover clinical relevant biomarkers in complex diseases enabling precise patient stratification.

Drug repositioning

Helping clients in investigating the potential of repositioning marketed drugs into other disease areas.

Translational services

Helping clients decide on the correct model test platform for optimal drug development results.

Multi-marker development

Helping clients identify the patients most likely to benefit from a treatment with specific drugs.

Client Infrastructure

Helping clients build and evolve their inhouse bioinformatic capabilities with expert counseling.