Drug Target Identification Services

One of the most important steps in developing a new drug is target identification and validation. A target can cover a range of biological entities, including proteins, genes and RNA. A good target must be druggable, i.e. accessible to the drug and upon binding, must elicit a biological response that is measurable both in vitro and in vivo. Additionally, a good target must be efficacious, and meet clinical and commercial needs.

Good target identification and validation enables increased confidence in the relationship between target and disease and allows the exploration of whether target modulation will lead to mechanism-based side effects.


Intomics track record
We have helped several clients in the pharmaceutical industry identify genes or proteins as target candidates.


The value to our customers
Identifying the cellular targets of drugs is crucial in making the process of drug discovery more efficient. which leads to significant savings in the drug development process, while shortening the timelines. Key value points are:

  • Obtaining a new target portfolio
  • Identifying targets with validated function
  • Gaining insight into method of action for drug-targets interaction


What we do
Based on a thorough discussion and description of our clients’ needs we perform in-depth data mining by applying our proprietary InBioTM data mining platform to a combination of our own proprietary value-added InBioTM databases as well as client and publicly available databases.


Our process
The duration of a Drug Target Identification project typically ranges from 4-6 months for a pilot project up to a number of years for long-term projects. The projects are planned as a custom tailored project with close interaction between our clients and Intomics. We typically have bi-weekly Webex update/planning meetings with the client and have face-to-face meetings every 2-3 months during the project.

At the end of the project, we present the process, key findings, conclusions and potential next steps at a face-to-face meeting.

All face-to-face meetings take place at our clients’ facility, unless another location is desired.


What we deliver
In our comprehensive project report, we deliver a prioritized list of potential targets, with evidence-based documentation for each target.

Apart from the drug target list, the report also documents the project steps and details key project findings. We also present potential next steps in the project, if relevant.

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