Drug target identification Services

What is drug target identification:

Target identification and validation are among the most important steps in developing a new drug.  A target can cover a range of biological entities, including proteins, genes and RNA. A good target must be druggable, i.e. accessible to the drug and upon binding, must elicit a biological response, that is measurable both in vitro and in vivo. Additionally, a good target must be efficacious and meet clinical and commercial needs.

Intomics track record:

Intomics has partnered with several pharma and biotech clients on projects of identifying genes or proteins as target candidates. The proposed targets have subsequently shown high validation rates in model systems.

The value to our customers:

Identifying the cellular targets of drugs is crucial in making the process of drug discovery more efficient. This in turn leads to significant savings in the drug development process, while shortening the overall development timelines.

Key value points include:

  • Obtaining a portfolio of unique targets
  • Identifying targets with validated functions
  • Gaining insight into the method-of-action for the drug-target interaction

What we do:

In a standard Drug Target Discovery project, we combine patient data (typically case-control data) with in-depth data mining and understanding of protein pathways and networks to investigate and identify novel drug targets. The text mining includes our proprietary inBio Know™ data mining platform and for protein-protein interaction networks we apply our proprietary PPI network database, inBio Map™

Project Planning:

We work closely with our clients in the planning of each project. Each project is tailored specifically to generate the most valuable outcome, taking available data, in-house capabilities, timelines etc into account.


The duration of Drug Target Identification projects is usually from 4 to 12 months, depending on the complexity of the project.

Close project cooperation and communication:

A key factor in the successful outcomes with our partners, is the close interaction and communication we have from planning the projects and all the way through project execution and presentation of the project deliverables. We typically have bi-weekly Webex update/planning meetings with the client and have face-to-face meetings every 2-3 months during the project. At the end of the project, we present the project deliverables and conclusions in a face-to-face meeting. All face-to-face meetings take place at our clients’ facility, unless another location is desired.


In our comprehensive project report, we deliver a prioritized list of potential targets, with evidence-based documentation for each target. Apart from the drug target list, the report also documents the project steps and details key project findings. Additionally, we present potential next steps in the project for discussion, if relevant.

What we do

Drug target identification

Helping clients identify genes/proteins as target candidates with remarkable results.

Biomarker discovery

Helping clients uncover clinical relevant biomarkers in complex diseases enabling precise patient stratification.

Drug repositioning

Helping clients in investigating the potential of repositioning marketed drugs into other disease areas.

Translational services

Helping clients decide on the correct model test platform for optimal drug development results.

Multi-marker development

Helping clients identify the patients most likely to benefit from a treatment with specific drugs.

Client Infrastructure

Helping clients build and evolve their inhouse bioinformatic capabilities with expert counseling.