Drug Repositioning Services

Drug repositioning is the application of known drugs or compounds to new disease areas


Intomics track record
We have worked with clients on repositioning of drugs in different disease areas. In one project we demonstrated new areas where the drug could be applied and the client subsequently started clinical trials the drug for a new indication.


The value to our customers
Since the repositioned drug has already passed a significant number of tests, incl. toxicity, its safety is known and the risk of failure for reasons of adverse toxicology is reduced. In addition, repurposed drugs can bypass much of the early cost and time needed to bring a drug to market.


What we do
Our Drug Repositioning service provides unique features in identifying novel indications for your existing drug. Through big data analysis combining molecular data, literature information and phenotypic data, a mechanistic pathway is constructed for your drug. This is further related to potential diseases and symptoms, hereby mapping out the possible indication space for your drug.


What we deliver
The deliverable is a comprehensive report including a thorough mapping of the possible indication space for your drug.

Additionally, the comprehensive report also details key project findings as well as important process steps and materials. We will also present potential next steps in the project, if relevant.


The duration of a drug repositioning project typically ranges from 4-6 months for a pilot project up to a number of years for long-term projects. The projects are planned as a custom tailored project with close interaction between our clients and Intomics. We typically have bi-weekly Webex update/planning meetings with the client and have face-to-face meetings every 2-3 months during the project.

At the end of the project, we present the process, key findings, conclusions and potential next steps at a face-to-face meeting.

All face-to-face meetings take place at our clients’ facility, unless another location is desired.

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