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In 2008 Intomics was founded by leading scientists within the fields of bioinformatics and systems biology to accelerate and improve drug discovery and development through optimized utilization of biomedical data. Due to vast experience with a broad range of biomedical data types and a high success rate with disease related research, the founders were convinced that the pharmaceutical industry could benefit from their pioneering research.

Since our foundation, Intomics has helped clients from the pharmaceutical industry with a variety of projects involving bioinformatics and systems biology. Intomics’ services have expanded into new areas within Pharmaceutical Research & Development and Intomics has acquired in-depth knowledge in applying biomedical big data throughout the drug development value chain.

Our focus has always been on establishing close collaborations that fully exploit the synergy between our clients’ specific disease knowledge and our unique capabilities and technological solutions.

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to enable the pharmaceutical industry to develop new drug treatments more effectively by using integrative bioinformatics and systems biology technologies


Our vision is to become the leading and most advanced supplier of integrative bioinformatics and systems biology technologies to the pharmaceutical industry


Thomas S. Jensen, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder
Thomas holds an M.Sc. in biological engineering and a PhD in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. He was the co-founder of the Integrative Systems Biology group at Center of Biological Sequence analysis (CBS) as the Technical University of Denmark. Thomas has extensive experience in leading and managing knowledge-intensive activities and has successfully participated in several life-science projects.

Rasmus Wernersson, CSO, Co-Founder
Rasmus is the Scientific Director at Intomics A/S and holds a position as external Associate Professor of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at the Technical University of Denmark.
Rasmus has been working with Bioinformatics since the mid 1990s and has a dual background in Molecular Biology (MSc, University of Copenhagen, 1998) and software engineering (IT-D, Copenhagen University College of Engineering, 2006). Rasmus’ current research interests are centered around a network biology oriented approach to biomarker and drug target discovery.

Board of Directors

Jens Lage Hansen (Chairman)
Jens Lage Hansen holds an MSc from the Technical University of Denmark and a Bcom in business administration from Copenhagen Business School and helped start Intomics A/S in 2009. He is deputy chairman of Aquaporin A/S and Aquaporin Asia Pte. Ltd. He has had an international career in Novo, Foss, Danisco and Grundfos, building and improving companies in Denmark, Spain and Latin America as CEO or chairman of the board.

Professor Søren Brunak, University of Copenhagen
Professor Søren Brunak is founder of the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, one of the leading  Bioinformatics and Systems Biology research centres in Europe with more than 130 researchers. Søren is part of the scientific advisory committees of several scientific organisations, including EMBL, EBI, and the Max Planck Institute for Mol. Genetics.

Finn W. Andersen, Investment Director SEED Capital
Finn has extensive management experience within most aspects of IT – among others as the CEO and Marketing Director for CSC Computer Management. Finn’s main focus is software and applications.

Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Søren Brunak, University of Copenhagen
See profile in section Board of Directors above.

Prof. Lars Juhl Jensen
Professor at Copenhagen University. Lars is a world-leading expert in literature mining, integration of large-scale experimental datasets, and analysis of biological interaction networks.

Dr. Kasper Lage, PhD, MSc
Director of Bioinformatics of the Department of Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, and Associate Member of the The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Kasper’s research is focused on functional interpretation of genetic data using protein networks.

Dr. Niclas Tue Hansen, PhD, MSc
Niclas holds a PhD degree in bioinformatics and an Mphil degree in Business and entrepreneurship from Cambridge University.


We have collaborated with numerous additional clients but due to confidentiality agreements we cannot disclose their company names.


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